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I had the strawberry centers left over from the chocolate strawberries and the coconut water. 

Oh what to do what to do – I had fresh oranges from Whole Foods, cause they had an amazing deal of $.79 lb. I had to get some!!!!  oh so good. I rummaged around the rest of the fridge and found some fresh fruits! Ya ME!

Here is my Tropical Dream, jam-packed with Vitamin C and the coconut water is great to re-hydrate the body during these winter months.

1/2 Mango (pitted and peeled)

1.5 cups of Strawberries

2 Oranges (peeled)

1 Meyer Lemon (peeled)

1 Cup Fresh Coconut water

Using my juicer I juiced the citrus fruits ( you can use a citrus juicer but you lose the nutrient value that comes from the white of the fruit)

In the blender I tossed in the mango, strawberries and coconut water until smooth.  In a glass pitcher I mixed all the juices together.  It was so creamy and delicious.


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