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Garden and food – match made in heaven

ooh how I love spring, not only is the weather nice but it means I get to play in the garden!  Today I took myself on a trip to the Nursery and shopped til I was happy with my finds!  bought a few flowers that I have never owned, one looks like a small orchid. so cute! Now I hope everyone survives!  I was hoping to do veggies, but that hasn’t happen yet, I may still do some – waiting to see which tree my neighbor is going to take down, so I know how much sun I am going to have. But I think I have enough projects to keep me busy!

Spring is also when I start dusting off the BBQ and grilling some goodies! mmm.. I will try just about anything on the grill, last year I was into grilling fruit. Had some amazing results and a few duds, either way it was fun. This year I really want to get a Himalayan Salt Slab to play with, it looks like fun. So many ways to use it.

Workout – ahh yes my workout – I thought for sure I would not be able to move my arms today after my Wednesday workout, I was surprised when I woke up and was able to stretch. Maybe Friday things will be sore. All sorts of weights and arm exercises were done on Wednesday as well as squats.


Ok so here is what is in my belly:


PreWO – snackaroo, pom juice and yogurt 250/2

PWO – Coconut milk, protein, blueberries, yogurt, and a banana 414/23

Lunch – Mushroom Barley Soup and cornbread 331/10.5

Dinner – mmm this was soo good – Beef skirt steak with blue cheese and asparagus, half an artichoke, grilled baby red potato 530/35.81

(This was not a portion – this was the entire dinner and it lasted 2.5 meals)

Snack – Key Lime cookies – 80

Total – 1605/71



B – Protein shake ( banana, blueberries, coconut milk and protein powder – 345/21    these work for me when I have to start my day running and I dont have time to make a full meal.

L – salami, apple and 1/2 an avocado 335/7.5

S – Grapes 104/1.1

D – Left overs  Blue Cheese Skirt steak with asparagus,1/2 artichoke and 1/2 avocado 474/32

S – Strawberries w/ sour cream and key lime cookies 187/1.95


total 1595/69

Back to the garden!



Livestrong is having issues

I have been tracking my food – however my Live Strong app is having issues and when I go to pull it at the end of the night, there is nothing there. Im hoping they will resolve that soon so I can keep up with my food journal. So if you have noticed a lack of blogs that is why – I have been keeping track.

Here is what the last two days look like


Perfect Oatmeal -Iced Tall non fat chai 390/11

Baja Fresh Wahoo Grilled Taco (2) 460/24 ( not sure if it was really 460 cals – they double wrap their tacos and I only ate two of the 4 torts..)

BBQ’d Cedar Wrapped Alaskan Cod with zuchinni, carrots and spinach. side of mushrooms and asparagus and cous cous, balsamic red bell peppers  412.5/51.43

Cream Biscuits with Blue berries and yogurt 330/5.8

Total 1593/92



Banana, blueberry protein shake with coconut milk  349/21

Salami, avocado, cottage cheese  320/35

Granny smith apple, cacao butter 210/0

Cedar Wrapped Cod, chicken, cous cous, asparagus, mushrooms, naan, 437.5/43.18

Cream biscuit, blueberries, yogurt 297.5/4.8

Total 1614/104


Emotional Connections…

I recently cleaned out my closet and felt so much lighter. Even though I had less clothes and had to part with some of my favorites, they were just to big for me and no longer looked flattering. What a happy day.  But for some it is a huge struggle to let go of the clothes that no longer fit..  I am personally guilty of this, I had clothes in my closet that I had kept that were to small, you know for that day when I would lose weight and fit in them. Thankfully that day actually came. But for some it never does.

So many people are emotionally addicted to FOOD, but did you know you can be emotionally addicted to clothes? I dont mean Shopaholics.  I mean the daily clothes we wear. Im not a shrink, but it was an interesting thought I had the other day so of course I had to look it up. Its the way we feel when we look at an item of clothing in our closet.

Maybe we wore that pink shirt and so many people complemented us on it and we like how it made us feel. So regardless of how small or big it is – we keep it because it is a constant reminder of how we felt in that moment, who would want to give that up? But just like eating food to fill the emotional void, we sometimes keep clothes to relive that moment. It is sometimes hard to toss that bridesmaids dress because maybe there was a cute guy/girl that flirted with you while you wore it and you want to hang on to that feeling.

Did you know that you can actually gain weight from holding on to these clothes? Sounds silly huh? But it is an emotional response that occurs in our bodies that releases the same hormones as food.

It is so much healthier for us to just toss out clothes and keep the memory in our minds and let the clothes go – Besides when you have room in your closet, you get to go shopping and buy things that look good on you NOW instead of in the future or the past.

So while it maybe scary at the time, it does feel good to just TOSS TOSS TOSS!

Id love to have this closet! So clean and organized!

Mother nature is moooody!

Which in turn gives me a headache, which is why no post yesterday… So here is a 2 for 1 !

I dont have much to chat about – Since I have had a headache for 2 days, I feel a little off because I had to reschedule my training session to Friday. I was learing the ropes at the spa I am about to venture into. Exciting and nerve racking all at the same time. I havent had to report to work in 2 years. But I am a little bored and would like to get out once in awhile. So here I go!!



B- made the cream cheese pancakes – only tried them in the waffle maker – Score for the first one but the second one FAILED! I only ate one anyhoo – covered in Blueberries oh and I threw a banana in the batter.. 316.5/10.5

S – Pom Protein Shake 217.5/19.25

L – Herb Salami, cheese, avocado, lettuce and a pear 355/8.87

D – HM Taco bowl  with cheese, tomato, avocado, sour cream and turkey meat 455/40.5

S – Cheese cake w Blueberries 244/9.5

Total 1588/88.5


B- 2 eggs, 3 slices turkey bacon, cibatta bread 346/36

S – Coconut Milk and a banana 185/2

L – Herb Salami, Cheese, red leaf lettuce, naan 327/14.37

S – Snackaroo 170/2

D – Turkey burger, cheese, red leaf lettuce, potato 334/31.37

S – coconut milk, protein and a banana and blueberries 230/19.5

Total 1592/105

Been so drained and tired this week – but been cleaning out closets.. I love tossing junk!



If you have just stumbled upon my blog and think WOW this is boring.. there is a list of food – WOW how lame… Well go check out some of my other blogs, some are simply my food journals – which is how I got started and others are simply my food journals. ( listed in “Whats in my belly”)

Hmm I cant think of anything interesting to post today.. My mind is overloaded.. or maybe just bleached out from cleaning all day..

So sad – I will just have to post what I ate and move on!

Mood – indifferent

In my belly:

B- Protein Shake – with banana and blueberries 372/22.5

S – Iced tall nonfat chai ( yes I went to Starbucks, and it was good) 150/5

L – Herb Salami, Monterey Jack Cheese, Red Lettuce, pickle Lemon wafers 339/17.37

S – Pear 96/1

D- Spicy Tuna roll and Miso Soup 375/27.5

S – Protein shake – simply C. Milk, banana and protein 265/20

Total 1597/94


Ahh I keep forgetting to track my exercise… its happening just not here!

2 miles on the treadmill – walked .50 otherwise jogged

Yep all sweaty..

Love the “do” Sweat gives!! oh yea!

Off to the shower!!!


If you haven’t read this story I highly recommend it, I also love ‘If you give a Moose a Muffin’. The stories have a life lesson, delivered in a child story.

The only way the story relates to my post today is if you give me a recipe I like to play with it until I’m sick of eating it, and I have a pancake recipe to share, that was shared with me.

I love when people share ideas! Isnt that what eating is all about? I find it annoying when people get all secretive over their recipes. I mean, come on, what if  Betty Crocker or Julia Child kept their recipes to themselves? Where would we be? Im not either of those amazing ladies, however I do like playing with my food!

First off here is what I put in my belly


B- Poached Eggs, Prosciutto, Herb Polenta and hot chocolate 418/22.6

S – Strawberries (1.5 cups) 96.25/1.18

L – hot Dog on a bun, mustard, ketchup, cheetos   335/9

S – Banana with almond butter

D – Chicken Stir Fry with Portabella Mushrooms on Japanese noodles. 369/39.17


S – Walnuts 100/1

Total 1614/83

Sunday –

Ok so ya went to a BBQ and ate the food and it was soo freakin good! So I have no clue what my calories are. However Im still going to list what I ate.

I started breakfast with a new super easy ‘pancake’ recipe. Here is a little story about me and pancakes.  I very much dislike them and always have, when I was little my mom made pancakes almost every Sunday. My brother loves pancakes, and Sunday was his day to pick breakfast. I dreaded Sunday breakfast, the thick nastiness of flour morphed into this round disks and we are suppose to eat them. All my life I have had people tell me “my pancakes are the best, I will change your mind” I would politely eat one and my mind was still set – nasty round disks of wet flour. It wasn’t until I was about 15 or 16 I finally told  my mom how much I disliked them. (trust me my moms cooking was and is amazing! There aren’t to many things she makes that I dislike) She said “Sweetie, then I will make you waffles..” Oi I shoulda said something years ago!

When my friend posted this recipe, I had to look. How could you make pancakes without flour? I love the concept of pancakes and I love waffles.  Well whom ever came up with this idea was genius! I had them, loved them and will be making them again!  They are crepe like, but not a crepe or a pancake. Plus they are oh so easy!!!


I didnt use Stevia, I didnt use sugar. I treated them like crepes and stuffed them with a sour cream mixture and Strawberries.Which is also super easy!

1 Tbsp per pancake Sour cream

a dash of sugar

spices – like cinnamon, nutmeg, whatever you like

a splash of vanilla

Here is my adventure in making them  — By the way have I ever mentioned how much I hate my stove? It has a mind of its own and I never know how hot it is going to get or if low works….  sigh… I cant wait for a new kitchen!!

Yea the burner got really hot

It was still good!


Great thing about these lil guys, they are only 68 calories each without any filling!

Off to a BBQ today!

Oh so much good food!

Turkey burgers, Potato Salad (not sure what all was in it, but the carmelized onions were a hit! Im not a fan of onions but damn that make the salad!) Deviled eggs, fresh fruit and veggies, Cheesecake and a pineapple angel food cake! Yum!!!

Dinner – Left overs of the Stir Fry





Its Friday!!! woo hoo

What a crazy week! heard from people I havent heard from in 2 years.. and am about to enter back into the spa industry! Woo hoo!

Well this will be quick and to the point! Two days worth of food journals, got side tracked last night. So here we go

Sneak peek as to what I put in my belly


B- Protein Shake – banana, coconut milk, blueberries, yogurt 349/21

L – Bistro box Starbucks – 380/26

S – Smoothie – Greek Style yogurt, watermelon juice, pear, coconut milk 198/8

D- 4 oz steak, artichoke, Polenta, hm marinara sauce 382/34

S – Strawberries and cheese cake 188/8.8

late snack – Chocolate milk 100/1

Total 1597/99


S- (4am) Snackaroo – 170/2

B- 2 scrambled eggs over polenta with a cup of hot chocolate 370/15

L – 2 hard boiled eggs with salad 360/18

S – Walnuts 134/2

D – Chevys – Mushroom and Asparagus with a side of chicken fajitas (1/2 portion) with 1 tortilla and Sopapillas  492.5/35.05

S- Cacao butter with coconut 67/2.12

Total  1594/74