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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Busy Monday! 3/26

I love Busy Mondays!

It makes the week start out on a good pace!  I had clients starting at 11am so I was getting sheets folded and the treatment room clean. (I’m an esthetician, in case I haven’t mentioned that. So I do facials and waxing from home.) and my day ended just as my hubby was coming home and off to take care everyday stuff like picking up the car from the mechanic. Then we headed over to our fave sushi place. Came home and finished cleaning things up. now here I am wrapping up my night so I can go to bed and get up and go running.

Mood – Happy that I was able to pamper a few ladies today and make their day relaxing and have them leaving feeling good about themselves!

What is in my belly:

B- Fresh Juice – 3 carrots, 1 c Kale, 1 Cup baby spinach, and a scone 266/10.47

S- Protein Shake – Coconut milk, Raw Protein, blueberries, yogurt and a banana 379/24.25

L – Almond Butter, Blueberry jam and cibatta bread 355/14

S- Snackaroo – 190/3 (I should have taken a picture!! LOL this was a monster coconut ball!!LOL)

D  -Tuna Roll Sushi and miso soup 407/32.14

Total 1598/84

Happy Eating!


Where the bleep is the rain?

Busy day today, taking a long nap and all! Whew that is hard work!  Today is the first time in a long time I have been to the mall when it opens. It is so quite and peaceful, I should go at that time more often.

Mood – Content and a little nerdish. Been planning my week for my meals.

B – Smoothie ~ Protein, banana, peaches, Coconut milk, and greek style yogurt 407.5/23.79

S – Red Raspberry Scone – 140/3

L -Hamburger with lettuce and tomato and a slice of pickle! 375/31.3

S- Snackaroo – Almond Vanilla 190/3

D- Chicken Enchilada with beans and rice 323/11.9

S – Hot Chocolate – 140/4

Total 1576/78

Under the Sea….

MMMMM  In my journey to trying things new, tonight I had Chilean Sea Bass and Mixed Sea Veggies.  It was entertaining standing in the aisle, with my hubby, at Whole Foods looking at the various sea veggies. Where to start? So we started picking things up and squishing the little bags and laughing. We have a salt water aquarium so the thought of eating algae and seaweed is kinda comical to us. We also love the ocean and have no problem spending the day snorkeling and then feasting on crab and other crustaceans . So now the tide turns and we are eating what the crustaceans eat. This is what gives us the giggles. I was amazed at the selection, considering I have never taken the time to look. We found a mixed bag and moved on. Next stop the fish counter. the song “lil fish lil fish swimming in the water” comes to mind.. First off I have never met a fish I like. I’m not sure why, people rave about how good it is, yet when I eat it, I tend to spit it back out.  So why try again? Why not?

Im standing at the fish counter a little overwhelmed by the beautiful slices of meat.  Pink, white, some with scales some without and of course I am always drawn to Ahi, but we had that last night. The fish with heads are not my cup of tea. But laying there all beautiful and white and perfect was Chilean Sea Bass, I had no clue what this lil guy tasted like or how to cook it, but that is why we have the internet.  Seared, Broiled, Steamed, Pan Fried, BBq’d, and wrapped in cedar planks… So many ways to chose. I chose Broiled, easy and I know how to do that. I added a little salt and pepper and cooked on each side for 7 minutes. The sea veggies, I siply followed a recipe on the back of the package. Garlic, Ginger, Soy sauce, pepper to taste mixed with avocado.

OOOOOOOHHHH so divine,when it was done I took a bite and it was so rich and light at the same time. It is one of the most aromatic things I have ever tasted that came out of the ocean.

(*side note – Whole foods  uses a sustainable Chilean sea bass fishery around South Georgia Island and that the fishery’s sustainability credentials are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, an independent, nonprofit organization using third-party auditors. MSC has now certified 22 fisheries around the world. The group assessed that the Chilean sea bass stock in that territory is healthy, the fishing methods do not damage the ecosystem, and the long-line method (many hooks on one line) has been adapted so as not to snag albatross, among other bycatch concerns.)


Mood –  Its the weekend! Its going to rain and I went shopping so I am in a great mood!

I picked up a beautiful Yellow and Red Hibiscus (I love to garden) I cant wait to see it grow. I may go back and get one that was a very soft yellow and pink.

What is in my belly?

B – (HM) GF Waffles and blueberries and hot chocolate  – 414/7

L – 2 eggs, red potato with cheese and organic flour tort  401/24

S- Scone 140/3

D – Chilean Sea bass, Sea Veggie Mix with avocado, Mixed veggies; broccoli, zuchinni, snap peas, onions, bell peppers. Jasmine Rice, 3 small wontons 469/19.41

S – Coconut milk, raw protein and cacao 170/19

Total 1594/73


Seared Ahi and such..

I have thought about what I was making for dinner since Wednesday.. I knew I was making Taco bowls for dinner on Thursday but I was excited to try something new today. Now today is here and it was as much fun as I hoped.

First I took a trip to Sur La Table, which is a fabulous store. I think this was the first store where my father in law and I realized we both had something in common, a passion for creating flavors! So maybe, for me, this store has more meaning than any other kitchen store.  I have tried for 16 years to find that one common interest with him and go from there, the kitchen is it, who knew!? It was a fun day, last summer, where we both discovered our love for Woks, Cast Iron Dutch ovens and Bamboo utensils.  I think we bored my mother in law, but we couldn’t see past our own frying pan to notice. We sat and listen to a guy ramble on about knives, they were beautiful. They had really cool swirly designs in them and then he told us the price of $300, for one.. woo.. we will keep looking! That night we went home and whipped up Stir Fry, it was oh so good! I think we spent the weekend in the kitchen trying new things. He discovered Whole Foods and the wonders of samples.  It was a foodies weekend.

Anyhoo back on track, I decided I wanted to make Seared Ahi. I know it sounds simple but I am still trying to get away from my safe basics and venture into new foodie items. So I hunted and searched and a few people gave me ideas and then I went into my kitchen to see what I had. I gathered my goodies and created a pretty darn yummy dinner. Of course it being me I also like simple! Let me tell ya this was simple and clean up was a snap! I decided to only use peppercorn and Himalayan sea salt on the Ahi aand seared if for about 2 minutes on each side. Then I made a sauce with Soy Sauce, Coconut Vinegar( tastes nothing like coconut) fresh ginger, garlic, a smidge of maple syrup and red crushed peppers. I heated the sauce, over med heat, just enough to get the flavors to mesh.  I used my rice cooker to make Jasmine rice, my fave.  Sauteed some asparagus in a little butter and lemon with a hint of sea salt. Last I thin sliced some avocado.

I used a large round cookie cutter to make my rice patty, then topped the rice with avocado and then layered the seared Ahi to top it off I gently sprinkled the sauce on top and the asparagus was a side dish. Not to bad for my first try. Of course it got more ideas in my head for next time!

Here is the finished product:

Earlier in the day I totally cheated and made scones from a mix! I have never made scones so I wanted to see what the texture of the batter is suppose to be like, so I can mess with it. They didn’t turn out to bad. But then it was a ‘just add water’ deal.

Add a little homemade jam and these guys are pretty tasty..

Mood – Way better day than yesterday! I feel accomplished and motivated.

here is what is in my belly:

B – 2 eggs, 3 slices Turkey bacon and a slice of cibatta bread 336/34.1

L – Left over taco bowl – turkey meat, avocado, cheese, lettuce and 2 corn torts 410/28

S – scone with HM blueberry jam with HM Chai (zero cals!) 140/3

D – 4 oz Seared Ahi, avocado, jasmine rice and asparagus. I also had Jasmine green tea 377/38.46

S- Cheesecake with 1/2 c blueberries 337/7

Total – 1600/111

Gerber Daisys are my Favorite flower , so since yesterday I was having a crappy day I went out and bought myself one. It is so pretty. I have never seen one with these colors. Pink in the middle and outer layer and white in the center. Perks up the dining room table.

Thursday 3/22

Ever have one of those days where you dont give a fuck?  well that was my day today…

Mood – who gives a fuck?

What is in my belly:

B – 2 hard boiled eggs, Numi Chai with a splash of coconut milk, spoonful of almond butter  382.3/ 20.6

L – Salami and cheese with grapes – 360/10

S – Coconut milk, raw protein, banana 265/20

D – Taco Salad with ground turkey, lettuce, avocado, tomato, sour cream and 1 corn tort  340/26

S- Skinny cheesecake – 253/6

total – 1600/83

Looking forward to tomorrow, I’m sure it will be better than today.

Wed 3/21

After recovering from the migraine I got to enjoy the beautiful day today!

Mood – relieved

What is in my belly:

B- Steel Cut oats with walnuts- 232/6.9

S – Laughing Giraffe Almond Vanilla snacks -190/3

L – Slice of left over pizza with salad -345/16.5

S – Smoothie with coconut milk, blueberries and yogurt 186/2.75

D – tuna roll and miso soup284/30.51

S – cheesecake – 253/6

Total 1591/67

hmm really low protein day.. blah. This usually happens with a migraine.

I think this gal heard me!!! I love Starbucks Scones but have refrained due to calories and sugar content.

Well I dont need to blab on cause she says it all in her blog

Cranberry Orange Scones

I will be trying this SOOOOOON!