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Monthly Archives: January 2012

The Week Begins…

Oh boy – Brent and I agreed that Chevy’s, although good at the time, was a mistake. We woke up all puffy and dehydrated, I don’t think there was enough water to hydrate us! LOL – Eating healthier is making it  much harder to eat out – I’m not complaining, I think it is a good thing! one thing I did notice on the Chevy’s menu is they removed the calories. Makes ya wonder what they are hiding.

B- Raw Protein Banana Cacao Shake with Avocado – 450

S- Raw Walnuts with Strawberries – 175

L – Move over Starbucks! I made a yummy ciabatta tomato,spinach, Monterey jack cheese and Avocado ( I only used half the roll) so more like an open face sandwich. On the side I had a couple slices of Salami,cottage cheese and a couple strawberries…. Wow Lunch was good! And I didnt have all the greasiness of Starbucks.  Making healthier decisions everyday. 475

S – Almond Butter and Apple  180

D – Open Faced Tacos – turkey meat with 1 egg, lettuce, avocado, cheese and organic sour cream – 450

Total   1730


Im always on the hunt for a list of seasonal Fruits and Veggies, this isnt a full list but a good start, lots to chose from and a great way to try new things.

What’s In Season?


December, January, February

Belgian Endive
Brussels Sprouts
Buttercup Squash
Cactus Pear
Collard Greens

Delicata Squash

Mandarin Oranges

Passion Fruit
Red Banana
Red Currants
Sharon Fruit
Sweet Dumpling Squash
Sweet Potatoes

taken from

Home & Garden show…

Its that time of year! Home and Garden show. Our friends invited us to go, its always fun to see home items. There so many fun things to do, with a house and yard…  but before we left we did some home projects of our own. Brent has been working on his office and finally some forward progress has been made, TOSS TOSS TOSS TOSS! I love tossing crap! and we decided on paint colors. It only took 1.5 years. Cant wait til everything is out so I can start putting color up. Let the good times roll!

Yea my Steel-cut oats are premade

B – Steel-cut oats with blueberries and walnuts and coconut milk.  350

S – Banana Blueberry with coconut milk and Protein – 275

L- Salami, cheese, Rosemary crackers and a kiwi 425

S- Caramel popcorn/ banana 190

funnel cake VS Caramel Popcorn – I chose the less of two evils, ooh the smells get you every time ( I didnt eat the whole bag! 3 of use shared it and we still had left over!!)

D –  Mushroom, Asparagus chicken fajitas on a flour tort 425 (Brent has lunch for tomorrow!)

S –  Strawberries, cream biscuit – 120

Total – 1785 / 5 Mile walk

Love/Hate of Steel Cut Oatmeal….

I truly have a love/hate with Steel Cut Oatmeal. Last night I went shopping for the weekend, made sure I had all the ingredients for 6 meals and snacks. Woke up this morning excited that I would have a homemade breakfast. I was wrong. After cooking my steel-cut oatmeal for an hour it still wasn’t ready. Maybe its more a dislike for my electric stove, I can never get the temperatures right. well enough complaining…  Needless to say my oatmeal was not ready for breakfast, but on the bright side, I have breakfast for tomorrow!!!!

I did take advantage of the beautiful weather we are having! I cleared out my side yard and discovered I have an AMAZING area to garden! I am sooo excited!  It’s perfect for sun-loving veggies, the dirt is full of earth worms.  I cant wait to start planting.  I’ll keep you posted on what I plant!

B –  We ended up running to Starbucks – and I had the oatmeal and a tall non fat chai 480 – after juicing and having reduced my sugar intake, I have to say this was one of the grossest things I have eaten all week! haa haa

S -Fresh Strawberry, Apple, Lemonade – 106   ( I use a Juiceman Jr to juice my fruit)

L – Found Nitrate and Sulfate free Salami at Whole Foods, one has pepper skin the other has a herb skin. both are so yummy.  Monterey Jack Cheese, cottage cheese and Rosmeary Crackers  455

blueberries, 1/2 banana 129

Dinner – HM 2 Tacos – Turkey meat, Whole wheat/ corn torts, cheese, lettuce, tomato, avocado, Organic Sour Cream from grass fed cows.  470

S – 1/2 C Blueberries, Dark Chocolate 100

Total 1740

Workout – 45:22  mins tredmill  449 Calories burned  2.83 miles

Lazy Day is here!

Wow today I slept til 11 am and I slept guilt free!!! Woke up guilt free! Ever have on of those days?  It was amazing! Almost took a nap too, but figured I might not go to sleep tonight, so I took a pass.

Also did some journaling, which I havent done in a long time. It felt good. I may share some of it here, it does have to do with my blog.

Anyhoo… I hope you were able to enjoy the beautiful weather!

Sorry no pics today, just a food log.

B- 1 egg and 2 egg whites, spinach and mushroom omelet. Hot Cacao Chai ( ooh this was yummy. the brand is Dagoba, you can get it at most stores. I got it at Whole Foods the label is blue and it just says Chai on the front. Follow the directions on how to make it, that makes a difference. It is easy to burn and turn bitter.  ciabatta bread   420

S- apple/ almond butter  170

Lunch – Big Ol salad and a slice of pizza 440

Kiwi/ walnuts  berry smoothie 240

Dinner – Baked Potato with Endive, real bacon bits, organic ranch dressing and an Ice tea no sugar  300

snack – Rice Crispy cereal  150

Total 1720

Kiwis on Thursday!

Kiwis on Thursday!

About a week ago I joined Pinterest, I kept finding cool pics I liked so figured what the heck I will join the masses! I have also been craving Kiwis… So I have been looking for 101 ways to eat a Kiwi. What do the two have in common? I found some cool pics of Kiwi Pops. I was so excited, yet a lil timid as to the ingredients, I still want to keep it healthy ( meaning low sugar, low carb, yet extremely yummy… I have my standards.) I’m not game for artificial sugars, Id rather have raw sugar,coconut sugar or nothing. Super easy and quick to make.

See my Facebook page for the Kiwi Recipe!

PreWorkout – Steel Cut Oats, Walnuts 170

Gym – Strength Training

Post Workout – Garden of Life Raw Protein, Coconut milk, avocado, banana, chia seeds, cacao powder – 500

Lunch – Salami, cheese, spinach, rosemary bread 425

Snack Kiwi, Walnuts 130

Dinner – Round Table Salad with a slice of pizza 440

Snack – 4 chocolate covered Kiwis

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Hope you enjoyed reading my post! Happy and Healthy eating!

I love Wednesdays!

Its the middle of the week and the day I have a trainer! I think everyone should afford a trainer!  Its easy to get stuck in a rut going to the gym on your own and accountability is everything. For me Wednesday is the one day I dont have to think for myself, Steph tells me what to do and well, I have to do it or at least give my 100% to attempt it. Its interesting how  having someone tell you “you can do it”  makes a difference. I use to go to the gym and work out but never felt satisfied, I would make excuses as to why I couldn’t or didn;t want to do an exercise.  With a trainer there are no excuses. I love my gyms moto “No Excuses Desire Commitment Results!”  For once I feel satisfied when I go to the gym! So much support and encouragement!

On with my day!

Pre-workout –  Steel cut oats with Walnuts  170

Post workout – Protein shake with avocado, banana 500

Lunch – Salami, Cheese, half a slice of Rosemary bread, avocado 350

snack – Apple with Almond Butter 175

Dinner – oi went to a chinese buffet, look out MSG! I tried to be as healthy as possible so I went with White rice, broccoli beef,  raw shrimp, a crayfish, a crawdad and a squid.  500

snack  — Kiwi 55

Total 1750