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Reflecting on 2012 and I dont think I did too shabby! Well except for not coming on here that much.

Lets see – Did pretty good on the exercise path until about May, had a few minor set backs and was hit n miss due to my body being a complete spaz, but did what I could when I could. The important thing is I kept moving. walking, hittin the treadmill when I could.  Hmm Food- well in June I went back to eating Ice Cream. no remorse there, at least I didnt wallow in the vat to the point of no return, its all about moderation (something I learned this year). Tried to eat like crap a few times only to suffer the consequence of food hangover. Realized that my crap eating is still better than how I use to eat. I never quit paying attention to ingredients and made sure there wasnt a lot of crap in the what I considered crap food. LOL

Discovered a new found love of certain Beers and Ciders – who knew?  wait is that good for you? – oh wait who cares they are good!

I’m not really a resolution person, never have been. I joke that my resolution is to not make any. But I do set goals for myself and revisit them every so often to see if I need to adjust or make them bigger.

My outlook for 2013 is positive  – I am repeating a goal I did not make in 2012 and that is to run a 5K, I walked 2 in 2012.

Gotta make sure I keep my body moving.

Eating right for me.

Keeping a positive, fun loving group of friends. Its amazing how if you have the wrong friends, for the life you want, will continually drag you down. But when you have friends in your life that hold similar thoughts and goals in life, life is much happier and you are much more successful in what you want to achieve.

This year I am going to try to blog more, not a daily food journal but about Food, Life, Health and Taking Care of Self.

Looking forward to things to come and gotta reset my dream board!





About Belles Food Exposed

Danielle Fiddy, raised in Sacramento, Ca as a kid my parents where what some call nutrition freaks, my mom made our bread daily and we didn't eat white flour or sugar. This is back before being healthy was cool! Now I am an adult and I get to learn how to do these things myself. I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 25, through trial and error I an finding my way to become as healthy as I can. This blog is my journey.

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