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If you haven’t read this story I highly recommend it, I also love ‘If you give a Moose a Muffin’. The stories have a life lesson, delivered in a child story.

The only way the story relates to my post today is if you give me a recipe I like to play with it until I’m sick of eating it, and I have a pancake recipe to share, that was shared with me.

I love when people share ideas! Isnt that what eating is all about? I find it annoying when people get all secretive over their recipes. I mean, come on, what if  Betty Crocker or Julia Child kept their recipes to themselves? Where would we be? Im not either of those amazing ladies, however I do like playing with my food!

First off here is what I put in my belly


B- Poached Eggs, Prosciutto, Herb Polenta and hot chocolate 418/22.6

S – Strawberries (1.5 cups) 96.25/1.18

L – hot Dog on a bun, mustard, ketchup, cheetos   335/9

S – Banana with almond butter

D – Chicken Stir Fry with Portabella Mushrooms on Japanese noodles. 369/39.17


S – Walnuts 100/1

Total 1614/83

Sunday –

Ok so ya went to a BBQ and ate the food and it was soo freakin good! So I have no clue what my calories are. However Im still going to list what I ate.

I started breakfast with a new super easy ‘pancake’ recipe. Here is a little story about me and pancakes.  I very much dislike them and always have, when I was little my mom made pancakes almost every Sunday. My brother loves pancakes, and Sunday was his day to pick breakfast. I dreaded Sunday breakfast, the thick nastiness of flour morphed into this round disks and we are suppose to eat them. All my life I have had people tell me “my pancakes are the best, I will change your mind” I would politely eat one and my mind was still set – nasty round disks of wet flour. It wasn’t until I was about 15 or 16 I finally told  my mom how much I disliked them. (trust me my moms cooking was and is amazing! There aren’t to many things she makes that I dislike) She said “Sweetie, then I will make you waffles..” Oi I shoulda said something years ago!

When my friend posted this recipe, I had to look. How could you make pancakes without flour? I love the concept of pancakes and I love waffles.  Well whom ever came up with this idea was genius! I had them, loved them and will be making them again!  They are crepe like, but not a crepe or a pancake. Plus they are oh so easy!!!


I didnt use Stevia, I didnt use sugar. I treated them like crepes and stuffed them with a sour cream mixture and Strawberries.Which is also super easy!

1 Tbsp per pancake Sour cream

a dash of sugar

spices – like cinnamon, nutmeg, whatever you like

a splash of vanilla

Here is my adventure in making them  — By the way have I ever mentioned how much I hate my stove? It has a mind of its own and I never know how hot it is going to get or if low works….  sigh… I cant wait for a new kitchen!!

Yea the burner got really hot

It was still good!


Great thing about these lil guys, they are only 68 calories each without any filling!

Off to a BBQ today!

Oh so much good food!

Turkey burgers, Potato Salad (not sure what all was in it, but the carmelized onions were a hit! Im not a fan of onions but damn that make the salad!) Deviled eggs, fresh fruit and veggies, Cheesecake and a pineapple angel food cake! Yum!!!

Dinner – Left overs of the Stir Fry






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