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BBQ Season is here!

Oh how I do love to BBQ!

I will find any excuse to start up the grill. This weekend was the perfect excuse, warm weather and working hard in the back yard. I decided to experiment with fish, Salmon to be specific.  Off to Sur La Table, since it is located right next to Whole Foods. I picked up a BBQ Plank. I have only tried the cedar wraps and they were very nice, but I wanted to try something new.  The nice salesman was happy to talk about the planks and how to use them and what food goes with what, I chose an Alder. Never had it and figured it cant be bad.

I simply used salt, pepper and lime to season the Salmon. I had fun with the rest of the food, we had stuffed Ricotta stuffed Portabella mushrooms, Wasabi potatoes and steamed veggies.

I am truly looking forward to the summer and BBQ’s to be had with friends!


Seared Ahi and such..

I have thought about what I was making for dinner since Wednesday.. I knew I was making Taco bowls for dinner on Thursday but I was excited to try something new today. Now today is here and it was as much fun as I hoped.

First I took a trip to Sur La Table, which is a fabulous store. I think this was the first store where my father in law and I realized we both had something in common, a passion for creating flavors! So maybe, for me, this store has more meaning than any other kitchen store.  I have tried for 16 years to find that one common interest with him and go from there, the kitchen is it, who knew!? It was a fun day, last summer, where we both discovered our love for Woks, Cast Iron Dutch ovens and Bamboo utensils.  I think we bored my mother in law, but we couldn’t see past our own frying pan to notice. We sat and listen to a guy ramble on about knives, they were beautiful. They had really cool swirly designs in them and then he told us the price of $300, for one.. woo.. we will keep looking! That night we went home and whipped up Stir Fry, it was oh so good! I think we spent the weekend in the kitchen trying new things. He discovered Whole Foods and the wonders of samples.  It was a foodies weekend.

Anyhoo back on track, I decided I wanted to make Seared Ahi. I know it sounds simple but I am still trying to get away from my safe basics and venture into new foodie items. So I hunted and searched and a few people gave me ideas and then I went into my kitchen to see what I had. I gathered my goodies and created a pretty darn yummy dinner. Of course it being me I also like simple! Let me tell ya this was simple and clean up was a snap! I decided to only use peppercorn and Himalayan sea salt on the Ahi aand seared if for about 2 minutes on each side. Then I made a sauce with Soy Sauce, Coconut Vinegar( tastes nothing like coconut) fresh ginger, garlic, a smidge of maple syrup and red crushed peppers. I heated the sauce, over med heat, just enough to get the flavors to mesh.  I used my rice cooker to make Jasmine rice, my fave.  Sauteed some asparagus in a little butter and lemon with a hint of sea salt. Last I thin sliced some avocado.

I used a large round cookie cutter to make my rice patty, then topped the rice with avocado and then layered the seared Ahi to top it off I gently sprinkled the sauce on top and the asparagus was a side dish. Not to bad for my first try. Of course it got more ideas in my head for next time!

Here is the finished product:

Earlier in the day I totally cheated and made scones from a mix! I have never made scones so I wanted to see what the texture of the batter is suppose to be like, so I can mess with it. They didn’t turn out to bad. But then it was a ‘just add water’ deal.

Add a little homemade jam and these guys are pretty tasty..

Mood – Way better day than yesterday! I feel accomplished and motivated.

here is what is in my belly:

B – 2 eggs, 3 slices Turkey bacon and a slice of cibatta bread 336/34.1

L – Left over taco bowl – turkey meat, avocado, cheese, lettuce and 2 corn torts 410/28

S – scone with HM blueberry jam with HM Chai (zero cals!) 140/3

D – 4 oz Seared Ahi, avocado, jasmine rice and asparagus. I also had Jasmine green tea 377/38.46

S- Cheesecake with 1/2 c blueberries 337/7

Total – 1600/111

Gerber Daisys are my Favorite flower , so since yesterday I was having a crappy day I went out and bought myself one. It is so pretty. I have never seen one with these colors. Pink in the middle and outer layer and white in the center. Perks up the dining room table.