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Mother nature is moooody!

Which in turn gives me a headache, which is why no post yesterday… So here is a 2 for 1 !

I dont have much to chat about – Since I have had a headache for 2 days, I feel a little off because I had to reschedule my training session to Friday. I was learing the ropes at the spa I am about to venture into. Exciting and nerve racking all at the same time. I havent had to report to work in 2 years. But I am a little bored and would like to get out once in awhile. So here I go!!



B- made the cream cheese pancakes – only tried them in the waffle maker – Score for the first one but the second one FAILED! I only ate one anyhoo – covered in Blueberries oh and I threw a banana in the batter.. 316.5/10.5

S – Pom Protein Shake 217.5/19.25

L – Herb Salami, cheese, avocado, lettuce and a pear 355/8.87

D – HM Taco bowl  with cheese, tomato, avocado, sour cream and turkey meat 455/40.5

S – Cheese cake w Blueberries 244/9.5

Total 1588/88.5


B- 2 eggs, 3 slices turkey bacon, cibatta bread 346/36

S – Coconut Milk and a banana 185/2

L – Herb Salami, Cheese, red leaf lettuce, naan 327/14.37

S – Snackaroo 170/2

D – Turkey burger, cheese, red leaf lettuce, potato 334/31.37

S – coconut milk, protein and a banana and blueberries 230/19.5

Total 1592/105

Been so drained and tired this week – but been cleaning out closets.. I love tossing junk!




If you have just stumbled upon my blog and think WOW this is boring.. there is a list of food – WOW how lame… Well go check out some of my other blogs, some are simply my food journals – which is how I got started and others are simply my food journals. ( listed in “Whats in my belly”)

Hmm I cant think of anything interesting to post today.. My mind is overloaded.. or maybe just bleached out from cleaning all day..

So sad – I will just have to post what I ate and move on!

Mood – indifferent

In my belly:

B- Protein Shake – with banana and blueberries 372/22.5

S – Iced tall nonfat chai ( yes I went to Starbucks, and it was good) 150/5

L – Herb Salami, Monterey Jack Cheese, Red Lettuce, pickle Lemon wafers 339/17.37

S – Pear 96/1

D- Spicy Tuna roll and Miso Soup 375/27.5

S – Protein shake – simply C. Milk, banana and protein 265/20

Total 1597/94


Ahh I keep forgetting to track my exercise… its happening just not here!

2 miles on the treadmill – walked .50 otherwise jogged

Yep all sweaty..

Love the “do” Sweat gives!! oh yea!

Off to the shower!!!


If you haven’t read this story I highly recommend it, I also love ‘If you give a Moose a Muffin’. The stories have a life lesson, delivered in a child story.

The only way the story relates to my post today is if you give me a recipe I like to play with it until I’m sick of eating it, and I have a pancake recipe to share, that was shared with me.

I love when people share ideas! Isnt that what eating is all about? I find it annoying when people get all secretive over their recipes. I mean, come on, what if  Betty Crocker or Julia Child kept their recipes to themselves? Where would we be? Im not either of those amazing ladies, however I do like playing with my food!

First off here is what I put in my belly


B- Poached Eggs, Prosciutto, Herb Polenta and hot chocolate 418/22.6

S – Strawberries (1.5 cups) 96.25/1.18

L – hot Dog on a bun, mustard, ketchup, cheetos   335/9

S – Banana with almond butter

D – Chicken Stir Fry with Portabella Mushrooms on Japanese noodles. 369/39.17


S – Walnuts 100/1

Total 1614/83

Sunday –

Ok so ya went to a BBQ and ate the food and it was soo freakin good! So I have no clue what my calories are. However Im still going to list what I ate.

I started breakfast with a new super easy ‘pancake’ recipe. Here is a little story about me and pancakes.  I very much dislike them and always have, when I was little my mom made pancakes almost every Sunday. My brother loves pancakes, and Sunday was his day to pick breakfast. I dreaded Sunday breakfast, the thick nastiness of flour morphed into this round disks and we are suppose to eat them. All my life I have had people tell me “my pancakes are the best, I will change your mind” I would politely eat one and my mind was still set – nasty round disks of wet flour. It wasn’t until I was about 15 or 16 I finally told  my mom how much I disliked them. (trust me my moms cooking was and is amazing! There aren’t to many things she makes that I dislike) She said “Sweetie, then I will make you waffles..” Oi I shoulda said something years ago!

When my friend posted this recipe, I had to look. How could you make pancakes without flour? I love the concept of pancakes and I love waffles.  Well whom ever came up with this idea was genius! I had them, loved them and will be making them again!  They are crepe like, but not a crepe or a pancake. Plus they are oh so easy!!!


I didnt use Stevia, I didnt use sugar. I treated them like crepes and stuffed them with a sour cream mixture and Strawberries.Which is also super easy!

1 Tbsp per pancake Sour cream

a dash of sugar

spices – like cinnamon, nutmeg, whatever you like

a splash of vanilla

Here is my adventure in making them  — By the way have I ever mentioned how much I hate my stove? It has a mind of its own and I never know how hot it is going to get or if low works….  sigh… I cant wait for a new kitchen!!

Yea the burner got really hot

It was still good!


Great thing about these lil guys, they are only 68 calories each without any filling!

Off to a BBQ today!

Oh so much good food!

Turkey burgers, Potato Salad (not sure what all was in it, but the carmelized onions were a hit! Im not a fan of onions but damn that make the salad!) Deviled eggs, fresh fruit and veggies, Cheesecake and a pineapple angel food cake! Yum!!!

Dinner – Left overs of the Stir Fry





Its Friday!!! woo hoo

What a crazy week! heard from people I havent heard from in 2 years.. and am about to enter back into the spa industry! Woo hoo!

Well this will be quick and to the point! Two days worth of food journals, got side tracked last night. So here we go

Sneak peek as to what I put in my belly


B- Protein Shake – banana, coconut milk, blueberries, yogurt 349/21

L – Bistro box Starbucks – 380/26

S – Smoothie – Greek Style yogurt, watermelon juice, pear, coconut milk 198/8

D- 4 oz steak, artichoke, Polenta, hm marinara sauce 382/34

S – Strawberries and cheese cake 188/8.8

late snack – Chocolate milk 100/1

Total 1597/99


S- (4am) Snackaroo – 170/2

B- 2 scrambled eggs over polenta with a cup of hot chocolate 370/15

L – 2 hard boiled eggs with salad 360/18

S – Walnuts 134/2

D – Chevys – Mushroom and Asparagus with a side of chicken fajitas (1/2 portion) with 1 tortilla and Sopapillas  492.5/35.05

S- Cacao butter with coconut 67/2.12

Total  1594/74


I recently started eating Laughing Giraffe Snackaroos, One of the flavors has Maca Root, so of course I had to research it to find out what the benefits are, I was amazed at what I found!  Who knew such a yummy little snack could have amazing benefits!?  Of course I looked for the side effects and the main thing I found was common sense, ya take to much and you will experience side effects. what is too much? over 500 mg a day. That is a lot of Maca powder

“Maca is high in iodine and should not be taken by people with thyroid disease. It has stimulant properties and can raise heart rate. Some people have reported stomach upset after large doses. If you are pregnant or nursing, never take this or any health supplement without first consulting you doctor.”

What is Maca Root?

Maca is an self-cultivating annual plant that lives in the Peruvian Andes. It inhabits summits and high plateaus. It does well at altitudes up to fourteen thousand feet and in some of the harshest conditions imaginable. It is able to thrive in rocky soil, freezing weather and violent winds. It is a very hardy plant indeed. The villagers of the Peruvian highlands have been consuming maca root for hundreds of years for it’s nutritional benefits. Maca was often given to Inca warriors before battle to increase their strength and stamina. After conquering the Inca, the Spaniards learned of the benefits of maca and began exporting it back to Spain

Its sold in a powder, in capsule form and in foods.

Here are the Benefits:

  • Increase energy
  • Increase strength and stamina
  • Improve cognitive functioning
  • Improve mental clarity and memory
  • Enhances learning and mental ability
  • Reduce anxiety, stress and depression
  • Normalize progesterone, estrogen and testosterone
  • Decrease mood swings and hot flashes
  • Treat hormonal imbalance
  • Menstrual relief
  • Regulate hormones
  • Relieve symptoms of menopause
  • Regulate menstrual cycles
  • Treat chronic fatigue
  • Treat insomnia
  • Improves sexual function in men and women
  • Enhance fertility
  • Treat erectile dysfunction
  • As an antioxidant and anti-carcinogen
  • Improve mental wellbeing
  • Treat infertility
  • Increase libido
  • Benefit pituitary gland
  • Stimulate the immune system
  • Overcome physical and mental stress
  • Fuel the endocrine system
  • Treat exhaustion
  • Improve the functioning of the circulatory system
  • Make skin look younger
  • Strengthen teeth and bones
  • Kill bacteria and fungus

Remember always talk to your doctor before you take anything!

Been on the blood sugar roller coaster

If you have PCOS you are more than likely Insulin Resistant, isnt that a groovy symptom? What does that mean? Well I’m not an expert, I only know the outcome. When I don’t eat correctly for me, my blood sugar levels become high ( but not to diabetic levels) so than I have to eat to correct the situation and let them lower. See this chart for more info BLOOD SUGAR .  there are times, like this week that when I get hungry it hits fast and hard. It as if I haven’t eaten all day and the hunger will not go away. It is times like this that make staying in 1600 Calories a little hard, but I am learning to buffer for it. LOTS of protein and fresh veggies/fruit.  I am also learning that exercise keeps it in check as well. So I’m sure sitting in a car for almost 24 hours and not getting enough sleep is the main suspect in my hunger monster. I think the part that is the most frustrating is waking up at 3 am, so hungry that the fridge looks good enough to eat. In the past I would grab what ever I could find to eat ; candy bar, cookies, cake… whatever. Going through this process I have learned that, those items do make me feel better for the moment but I suffer a serious crash and have to repeat the cycle again. It kind of reminds me of what I think being a drug user would be like. Because sometimes I feel like I just need a “fix” of food and when I eat it, I can feel my body respond in an almost euphoric way.  Its strange. But as I am figuring things out ( and yes I have been at this a year and am still learning what works and what doesn’t) I try my hardest to make sure I have high protein items on hand to keep the crash from happening. Also another factor that plays into this whole scheme of things are hormones, about 2 weeks prior to my cycle I go through this hunger monster situation. Good times Good times.. I wonder if other women with PCOS go thru this on a monthly basis.


MoodALIVE!!!  ever have a day where you start off thinking huh Im not doing very good on my goals and then you do something you were never able to do before and you think YES YES!! this is what I have been working so hard for! Its a great day to be alive!!!  That was my day!

Sneak peek into what I put in my belly:

up at 3 am – ate a snackaroo170/2

prework-out  smoothie – steel cut oats, peaches, coconut milk  183.5/3.8

during work out – 1/2 banana 52.5/.5

Post workout – Garden of Life Raw Protein, coconut milk, peaches, banana, greek gods plain yogurt 395/24

Lunch –  Herb Salami, Monterey Jack Cheese, hummus, Snap Peas 338/17

Dinner – Spicy Tuna roll, and Miso Soup 315.5/25.06

S- Cacao Milk and Pecan Butter 143.25/2

Total – 1598/75

Today was a workout day!!! Oi am I going to be sore! Lots of upper body work! But I will have sexy arms!!!

Have a wonderful night!


Back Home….

I love vacation as much as the next person, but there is something about coming home taking a shower and sleeping in your own bed with your own pillow.

I went to the store and bought some goodies

Yes this is what my shopping cart usually looks like! Today I added a couple new items I want to experiment with, Frozen watermelon juice and Pom juice.  Should add a nice zing to my smoothies. I’m excited!

Here is a sneak peek into my belly:

B – Raw Protein Smoothie – banana, blueberries,coconut milk and chia seeds (349/21)

S- 1/2 TBSP Cashew Butter 83.5/2

L- Salami, mozzarella cheese, apple 390/22.25

S – 1/2 C Walnuts 164/3.8

D – Chicken Thai salad – Baked Chicken, raw spinach, bell pepper, Japanese noodles, Thai sauce 375/36.18

S- Strawberries, cream Biscuit, sour cream drizzle 247/2.95

I found the cream biscuits last year at Whole Foods, they make them fresh at the store, trust me keep them in the fridge, they are so fresh they will go bad fast. They have just enough sweetness to satisfy the ol sweet tooth but not so much that you will get a sugar over load. they come in at 1 gram of sugar for a whole one and 220 calories for a whole one, if you are watching your carbs they are 24g carbs

Total – 1610/ 89