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Under the Sea….

MMMMM  In my journey to trying things new, tonight I had Chilean Sea Bass and Mixed Sea Veggies.  It was entertaining standing in the aisle, with my hubby, at Whole Foods looking at the various sea veggies. Where to start? So we started picking things up and squishing the little bags and laughing. We have a salt water aquarium so the thought of eating algae and seaweed is kinda comical to us. We also love the ocean and have no problem spending the day snorkeling and then feasting on crab and other crustaceans . So now the tide turns and we are eating what the crustaceans eat. This is what gives us the giggles. I was amazed at the selection, considering I have never taken the time to look. We found a mixed bag and moved on. Next stop the fish counter. the song “lil fish lil fish swimming in the water” comes to mind.. First off I have never met a fish I like. I’m not sure why, people rave about how good it is, yet when I eat it, I tend to spit it back out.  So why try again? Why not?

Im standing at the fish counter a little overwhelmed by the beautiful slices of meat.  Pink, white, some with scales some without and of course I am always drawn to Ahi, but we had that last night. The fish with heads are not my cup of tea. But laying there all beautiful and white and perfect was Chilean Sea Bass, I had no clue what this lil guy tasted like or how to cook it, but that is why we have the internet.  Seared, Broiled, Steamed, Pan Fried, BBq’d, and wrapped in cedar planks… So many ways to chose. I chose Broiled, easy and I know how to do that. I added a little salt and pepper and cooked on each side for 7 minutes. The sea veggies, I siply followed a recipe on the back of the package. Garlic, Ginger, Soy sauce, pepper to taste mixed with avocado.

OOOOOOOHHHH so divine,when it was done I took a bite and it was so rich and light at the same time. It is one of the most aromatic things I have ever tasted that came out of the ocean.

(*side note – Whole foods  uses a sustainable Chilean sea bass fishery around South Georgia Island and that the fishery’s sustainability credentials are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, an independent, nonprofit organization using third-party auditors. MSC has now certified 22 fisheries around the world. The group assessed that the Chilean sea bass stock in that territory is healthy, the fishing methods do not damage the ecosystem, and the long-line method (many hooks on one line) has been adapted so as not to snag albatross, among other bycatch concerns.)


Mood –  Its the weekend! Its going to rain and I went shopping so I am in a great mood!

I picked up a beautiful Yellow and Red Hibiscus (I love to garden) I cant wait to see it grow. I may go back and get one that was a very soft yellow and pink.

What is in my belly?

B – (HM) GF Waffles and blueberries and hot chocolate  – 414/7

L – 2 eggs, red potato with cheese and organic flour tort  401/24

S- Scone 140/3

D – Chilean Sea bass, Sea Veggie Mix with avocado, Mixed veggies; broccoli, zuchinni, snap peas, onions, bell peppers. Jasmine Rice, 3 small wontons 469/19.41

S – Coconut milk, raw protein and cacao 170/19

Total 1594/73



About Belles Food Exposed

Danielle Fiddy, raised in Sacramento, Ca as a kid my parents where what some call nutrition freaks, my mom made our bread daily and we didn't eat white flour or sugar. This is back before being healthy was cool! Now I am an adult and I get to learn how to do these things myself. I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 25, through trial and error I an finding my way to become as healthy as I can. This blog is my journey.

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  1. They’re evacuating the coast of Chile – I was right on the coast, sitting on the beach, a week ago. Wow.


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