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Spring Fruits & Veggies

I like trying new things and I love lists! I found this helpful site that gives a list of fruits and veggies that are in season. There were a few items I have never heard of so of course I hit the web and found some recipes.

Hope you enjoy as much as I do!If you click on each item it will give you the nutrition info from the website I found the list on. (I found some don’t work – sorry about that) Make sure to drop a comment on their blogs if you enjoy their suggestions!

I know Im excited to try some of these recipes.

March, April, May

Remember, you can enjoy the taste of any fruit or vegetable year-round by using fresh, frozen, canned, dried, and 100% juice – it all counts!

Artichokes         YUM YUM
Barbados Cherries
Belgian Endive
Bitter Melon
Butter Lettuce

Chayote Squash
Cherimoya   Its a FRUIT!
Collard Greens
Fava Beans
Fiddlehead Ferns    EAT A FERN?
Green Beans

Manoa Lettuce
Morel Mushrooms
Mustard Greens
Pea Pods
Purple Asparagus
Red Leaf Lettuce
Snow Peas
Spring Baby Lettuce
Swiss Chard
Vidalia Onions

White Asparagus

If you have a yummy recipe that you have tried and love ( and of course includes one of these divine fruits or veggies) please feel free to post! and if you take it from someones blog please make sure to give them credit!

Happy Eating this Spring!


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  1. I do like this post – thanks! I wondered what that fruit was and now know it’s a jackfruit. I enjoy trying new things as well. I just tried broccoli rappini for the first time and sauted it with garlic, I didn’t care for it – it was too bitter for me. … hey but at least we try new things! 🙂

    • ooh Im sorry to hear about your experience with broccoli rappini, I havent tried it yet. is it like kale? bitter like that? I wonder if it tastes better raw. Love trying new things even when it turns out bad! LOL
      Thanks for posting and glad you liked mine.

      • Hey there … no, it’s not at all like Kale … actually I love Kale! Not sure how to describe it .. but just bitter lol … maybe it would be good mixed with something to disguise the taste! I have a little left and I think it may be going into the disposal as much as I dislike wasting food!

      • yes I have come to love kale as well – but the first time I tried it I couldnt understand why everyone loved it so much. but then I tried the baby kale and it was sweeter. I didnt know you had to take out the center or it was bitter. Now I know! LOL . hmm now I am going to have to try broccoli rappini just to see what its like. what about juicing it with apples? think the apple could cover the nasty?

  2. Great post today. I really enjoyed it very much.

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