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Tuesday 3/13

Noticed a difference in my mood today, I didnt exercise and felt like a slug all day, versus yesterday after a exercising I was bounding with energy.  Have to remember that!  tomorrow I get my booty kicked so I should be in a good mood the rest of the day!

Here is what is in my belly:

B- Protein drink- 8oz Coconut milk, 1/2 c blueberries, 1/2 cup greek style yogurt, banana and 1 scoop of Raw Protein  409/27.5

S – 1 cup of walnuts 160/3.8

L – Miso Soup, gyzoa, and Tuna Sushi roll  485/26

D- Baked Chicken Breast, half roasted artichoke, whole wheat pasta with lemon grass chicken broth sauce and broccoli   411 /23.5

S – Cheesecake 141/8.5

total 1606/89.5 (-10.5)


About Belles Food Exposed

Danielle Fiddy, raised in Sacramento, Ca as a kid my parents where what some call nutrition freaks, my mom made our bread daily and we didn't eat white flour or sugar. This is back before being healthy was cool! Now I am an adult and I get to learn how to do these things myself. I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 25, through trial and error I an finding my way to become as healthy as I can. This blog is my journey.

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