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And So Monday Begins!

Looking forward to Monday

Mondays are always a fresh start to a new week and a great starting point for getting back on track. I’m home, and ready to get back on track. I surprised myself over my little ‘vacation’. I didn’t really think my eating habits had changed that much,,,,, boy was I wrong!  My mom – such a sweetheart, tried her hardest to fulfill my dietary changes. Here are some things I learned about myself that I took for granted ; I don’t eat out of cans,except items like tuna or coconut milk. I no longer eat lunch meat with nitrates or excess sodium, bye bye Oscar Meyer. I eat a lot of vegetables, fresh veggies, veggies that are in season. Also soda, up til last week I hadn’t had a soda ( ugh gotta get off those again.)  I eat a lot more protein and less carbs.

Ive come a long way baby!

I am very proud of my changes and look forward to getting back to them. The biggest lesson I learned about myself?  Just because I was unable to maintain my normal dietary needs due to circumstances,giving up completely is not a choice.

I will however say that I still haven’t had Ice Cream since Jan!!! I did have a mini Pinkberry, and that took me two days to eat.

And so Monday begins

My new goals;  1600 calories, approx 100g of protein daily, and 1 hours of cardio 3X’s a week with 3 days of strength training.

Looking forward more healthy days and healthy eating!


About Belles Food Exposed

Danielle Fiddy, raised in Sacramento, Ca as a kid my parents where what some call nutrition freaks, my mom made our bread daily and we didn't eat white flour or sugar. This is back before being healthy was cool! Now I am an adult and I get to learn how to do these things myself. I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 25, through trial and error I an finding my way to become as healthy as I can. This blog is my journey.

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