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Kiwis on Thursday!

Kiwis on Thursday!

About a week ago I joined Pinterest, I kept finding cool pics I liked so figured what the heck I will join the masses! I have also been craving Kiwis… So I have been looking for 101 ways to eat a Kiwi. What do the two have in common? I found some cool pics of Kiwi Pops. I was so excited, yet a lil timid as to the ingredients, I still want to keep it healthy ( meaning low sugar, low carb, yet extremely yummy… I have my standards.) I’m not game for artificial sugars, Id rather have raw sugar,coconut sugar or nothing. Super easy and quick to make.

See my Facebook page for the Kiwi Recipe!

PreWorkout – Steel Cut Oats, Walnuts 170

Gym – Strength Training

Post Workout – Garden of Life Raw Protein, Coconut milk, avocado, banana, chia seeds, cacao powder – 500

Lunch – Salami, cheese, spinach, rosemary bread 425

Snack Kiwi, Walnuts 130

Dinner – Round Table Salad with a slice of pizza 440

Snack – 4 chocolate covered Kiwis

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Hope you enjoyed reading my post! Happy and Healthy eating!


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